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Bunnies, Chocolate and Free Trampolines!

April 19, 2017

I hope everyone had as much of a ball over Easter as we did! It's not every day you get paid to play on trampolines with quite possibly the cutest little bunny rabbits in existence but that was my Thursday, setting up the pictures for our biggest giveaway to date! For anyone interested, no bunnies were hurt in the making of our photos and we are eternally grateful to the kind farmer who let them come play with us in exchange for a box of cold ones!

The 'Hares' on the back of our necks stood up...

Bad puns aside, the response to the competition was massive and about 7 Thousand or so entries later we had our two winners drawn and notified. We received so many beautiful pictures, stories, and entries we are very thankful for everyone who took the time enter Thank goodness that selecting a winner was drawn completely at random, or else we never could have narrowed it down to just two people!

Who Won?

Drum roll, please........ Congratulations to the Levvet and Muniandy Families! We can't wait to get those Classic 120's out to you and see pictures of your beautiful jumping faces.