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The ultimate trampoline accessory!

Bounce high, dunk hard. The PROJAM™ backboard hoop attaches securely to the inside of the trampoline safety net, creating the perfect trampoline accessory to shoot some hoops or practice big air dunks.

The Jumpflex™ PROJAM™ is only compatible with Jumpflex™ trampolines. Also we recommend taking down the SMARTSHADE™ if using the PROJAM™.

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The best kids basketball hoop!

Uniquely designed and constructed, the PROJAM™ perfectly complements the Jumpflex trampoline in style, flexibility and safety.

Features of your PROJAM set:

  • A basketball that is smaller and softer, perfect for fun trampoline games!
  • A basketball hoop that securely attaches to the trampoline safety net
  • 1 year warranty

Designed for safety and fun

It's important not to create any hard edges, that's why Jumpflex™ have developed our PROJAM™ basketball hoop accessory so that it is completely flexible. The hoop can flex both downwards and upwards, so kids won't get hurt if they jump into the hoop. We design our trampolines and accessories with safety in mind!

The Jumpflex™ PROJAM™ is compatible with the following current trampoline sizes:
12 ft trampoline - FLEX120
14 ft trampoline - FLEX140
15 ft trampoline - FLEX150

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