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12ft & 14ft trampolines back in stock now! 15fts arriving 19 September pre-orders available now

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The ultimate add-on

Bounce high, dunk hard. The PROJAM™ backboard & hoop attaches securely to the inside of the safety net, creating the perfect trampoline accessory to shoot some hoops or practice big air dunks.

Its all about the fun!

Uniquely designed and constructed, the Projam perfectly complements the JumpFlex trampoline in style, flexibility and safety.

Flexibility means soft and safe

Its important not to create any hard edges, that's why Jumpflex™ have developed our PROJAM™ basketball hoop accessory so that it is completely flexible. The hoop can flex both downwards and upwards, ensuring complete safety if jumped into.

The Jumpflex™ PROJAM™ is compatible with the following current trampoline models:
12 Foot Trampoline - FLEX120
14 Foot Trampoline - FLEX140
15 Foot Trampoline - FLEX150

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