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5 Sugar Free Alternatives this Easter

March 31, 2018

Now this may seem absurd, a sugar free Easter!!!!  How can you have one of those when everywhere you look is Chocolate Easter Bunnies and Eggs.  It may not be as hard as you think, it might just take a little extra thought and some preparation.  Many of us out there don’t have a choice, too much sugar or any at all can be a risk to our health, and for some, we just want a healthy alternative for our families.

So we have listed 5 options below that may work for those out there that are looking for new ways to enjoy this Easter Break, have some goodies, but keep your family away from all that Sugar.

Candy Free Easter Baskets

Hit the $2.00 shop for some fun and quirky gifts at a low cost.  Most kids are happy with anything resembling a toy so grab some chalk, stickers, dress up gear or colouring books for a cost effective way to treat them for Easter and give them something to entertain them over their Easter Holiday break

Easter Bliss Balls

Make some yummy sugar free bliss balls and use a recycled egg carton to package them in.  Not only does it look perfect for Easter but your family can enjoy these delicious and nutritional treats as a perfect little easter treat

 Get online and find a yummy alternative to Cadbury Cream Eggs

Cashew Cream Eggs, YUM!   The perfect vegan, Plant-based, dairy free, sugar free treat. All you need is the perfect easter egg mould and a few ingredients to create a healthy alternative to this classic egg head to

Easter Bunny Sugar Free Coconut Macaroon Recipe

A healthy and delicious easter treat and the perfect alternative to those sugary marshmallow Easter Eggs and bunnies on the supermarket shelf

Now this one may take some extra preparation but it will be more rewarding at the end.

You can make your own amazing Super-Free Chocolate Peanut Butter Easter Eggs (Dairy free too!)
This recipe will help to guide you in making your own Easter Eggs that are an easy, no bake recipe that's keto, low carb, gluten and dairy free!


Have a Happy and Safe Easter Everyone.