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Helping Autistic Children Play For Life

December 02, 2020

We had the best day joining forces again with the Kindness Collective. We love the work that this charity does and the joy they bring to the lives of kiwis. They do such a range of wonderful things, whether it be donating food and clothing to women and children affected by family violence, ipads for children with learning disabilities, delivering toys to children in hospital and delivering Christmas to over 500 families in need, they are making such a significant impact!

 Walter and Jemma playing on their new trampoline in the Satellite Unit

We have been working with the Kindness Collective since 2017 when we organised a trampoline for  the Pal family from Sudan. We've since delivered trampolines to 4 other Kindness Collective projects. 

This time it all began when Sarah from the Kindness Collective heard about a mother called Jemma fundraising for a trampoline for a Satellite Unit for children with disabilities at a West Auckland Primary school, Sarah knew she had to help!

Sarah got in touch with us and we were thrilled to be able to help! So last week we went to Auckland, New Zealand and set up one of our Jumpflex 14ft trampolines for the primary school.

Chris from Jumpflex setting up the Jumpflex 14ft trampoline

There has been a lot of research around the benefits of trampolines for children with Autism, because they really help with extra sensory needs, self regulation and learning through play.

It meant so much when we heard from Jemma and to see the positive impact of the Jumpflex trampoline.

“Jumpflex has always been a family brand to me, we have had the pleasure of owning one of their trampolines coming up 6 years now and the kids use it rain, hail or shine. For our son Walter in particular who has ASD, he has benefited so much from it, it’s helped with his self regulation, sensory needs and really a space of solitude for him. The quality and bounce for the price is exceptional and their customer service team are always so helpful! When I found out they had teamed with the KC to help my son’s satellite unit with donating a trampoline I was speechless, I knew the other children with needs similar to Walters would really benefit from having use of it. This act of kindness just solidified my trust and faith in their family owned NZ brand, when a company goes the extra mile like that you just know they hold good values and morals and what a pleasure to support that!”- Jemma

Thank you Sarah and the Kindness Collective, we are proud to work with you and the charity to help spread kindness when we can. Ready to spread some kindness? Check out the Kindness Collective's current projects or donate now

Chris (Jumpflex) and Sarah (Kindness Collective Foundation)