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Jumpflex Athletes Nixon and Levi Banks Heading To Australia!

March 17, 2022

Last week the Nationals were held on 5th and 6th March in Hamilton, New Zealand 

Both our Jumpflex Athletes - Levi and Nixon placed in the finals and we're so proud!!

Nixon Banks

It all started on Friday when Nixon was on form smashing the track in his mighty 11 final. He came first and is now the Mighty 11 Captain! Then the next day, going on to smoke his top competitors in the Nationals gaining his tittle back as NZ1!!

Nixon being the Mighty 11 Captain means he will lead the team over the ditch to battle against the ozzy Mighty 11 team in April.

Levi Banks

Levi was smashing it right up until his final. He had some quick race laps and the fastest gate reaction in his age group. Unfortunately Levi's goal of a podium finish was crushed on the first corner after a crash which saw him bin it hard.

Levi managed to pick himself up and finish the race though!! He's officially NZ7 and will compete in Australia at the same time as Nixon at the Oceania Champs.