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The Risks of Buying Cheap Trampolines: Why Quality Matters

March 20, 2023


Trampolines are a popular outdoor activity for kids and adults alike, providing hours of fun and exercise. However, not all trampolines are created equal. While it may be tempting to opt for a cheaper model, there are serious risks associated with buying trampolines that are "too cheap".

In this article, we'll explore some of the risks and why investing in a quality trampoline like those offered by Jumpflex is crucial.

One of the key risks associated with cheaper trampolines is the lower weight limit, which means they are not designed to support multiple jumpers or heavier individuals. This can lead to a higher risk of injury, as the trampoline may not be able to withstand the force of multiple people jumping on it. Additionally, the frame and springs on a cheap trampoline may be made from lower quality materials, making them more susceptible to rust and corrosion over time. This can lead to the trampoline becoming unstable and potentially in danger of breaking within a short period.

Other risks associated with buying a cheap trampoline include poor safety features. Cheap trampolines are often not tested to meet international safety standards (such as ASTM). Trampolines sold by reputable companies like Jumpflex go through rigorous safety testing to ensure that they meet industry standards and are safe for use. Cheaper models may not undergo the same level of testing, which means that users are blind to the risks of that model.

The safety netting on cheap trampolines is also a risk. Cheaper models may have safety nets made from low-quality materials that are susceptible to UV damage from prolonged exposure to the sun. UV damage weakens the fibers in the safety net, making it less effective at keeping jumpers safe. In extreme cases, the safety net may even break or tear, causing a serious fall or injury. It is important to invest in a trampoline with high-quality safety netting that is designed to withstand UV damage and maintain its strength over time. Jumpflex trampolines use highly durable safety netting, utilising 100% high-strength polyester with an active UV additive that stops sun wear. Tested by Intertek, these nets provide an enjoyable, safe, jumping experience for users.

In addition to the risks of injury and low-quality materials, cheap trampolines also come with an environmental impact. These trampolines are often made with materials that do not hold up well over time. As a result, they may need to be replaced frequently, leading to more waste in landfills. Disposing of a trampoline can be both challenging and time-consuming, as many municipalities have specific guidelines for the disposal of large items like trampolines. Investing in a high-quality trampoline like those offered by Jumpflex, which come with extended warranties, can help to reduce the need for frequent replacements, thereby saving money and reducing the environmental impact of discarded trampolines.

Lastly, the working conditions of the people who make cheaper trampolines can be an important consideration. Some cheap trampolines are manufactured in countries or factories where labor standards are not enforced or are significantly lower than in other parts of the world. Workers in these factories may be paid low wages and work in unsafe or unsanitary conditions with little oversight or protection. By investing in a high-quality trampoline from a reputable company like Jumpflex, you can be assured that your purchase supports fair labor practices and safe working conditions for workers around the world.

In conclusion, while buying a cheaper trampoline may seem like a good way to save money, it can come with serious risks: poor quality materials, inadequate safety features, lower weight limits and questionable ethical practices.