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Play For Life: Benefits Of Trampolining For Children With Cystic Fibrosis

June 06, 2022

Keeping your little ones active has a range of benefits! Trampolining is great exercise, improves sleep, lifts mood and can help manage anxiety.

If your child has Cystic Fibrosis, it can also be a great way to complement their treatment.

We recommend checking with your doctor first that it is safe for your child to bounce on a trampoline.

What is Cystic Fibrosis?

Cystic fibrosis (CF) primarily affects the lungs and digestive system because of a malfunction in the exocrine system that’s responsible for producing saliva, sweat, tears and mucus. There is currently no cure.

People with CF develop an abnormal amount of excessively thick and sticky mucus within the lungs, airways and the digestive system. This causes impairment of the digestive functions of the pancreas and traps bacteria in the lungs resulting in recurrent infections, leading to irreversible damage. Lung failure is the major cause of death for someone with CF.

From birth, a person with CF undergoes constant medical treatments and physiotherapy.

About 30,000 people in the U.S. have cystic fibrosis, a rare genetic disease. The majority of people with CF are diagnosed by age 2 thanks to newborn screening tests. If you have CF or are considering testing for it, knowing about the role of genetics in CF can help you make decisions about your health care.

Trampolines and Cystic Fibrosis

While bouncing on a trampoline is not a traditional method of treatment, many young cystic fibrosis patients are using a trampoline to complement their treatment.

Bouncing on a trampoline is an active, independent exercise with results which are thought to be indistinguishable from traditional treatments like percussion treatment and chest physiotherapy.


Exercise is one of the best ways children with CF can manage their condition. Daily exercise can help to minimise build up in the lungs and airways which could otherwise attract infection. Jumping on a trampoline is a fun way to get the exercise needed while also helping to clear build up in the lungs.

Some physicians and physiotherapists have also used trampolines as a physiotherapeutic tool for cystic fibrosis patients to help with:

  • Enhancing cardiopulmonary performance

  • Encouraging sputum production

  • Improving general wellbeing



With trampolining, your child can play by themselves, with siblings or with friends while at the same time getting some effective treatment. There are a range of awesome trampoline games kids can play. Trampolining is also great fun!


Bouncing can bring pure joy with all the endorphins flowing, it can elevate your child's mood and enhance their energy levels. Exercise can help kids with cystic fibrosis to regulate their energy levels and alertness, making it easier for kids to sleep too!

Safe bouncing is vital!

The duration of bouncing will change depending on your child’s treatment needs – so be sure to speak to your doctor or therapist if you are considering trampoline therapy for your child. 

Recreation Grant

Regular exercise is excellent for not only general health, but can assist with airway clearance, increasing bone density and building muscle tone in people living with CF.

Some Cystic Fibrosis charities aim to encourage activities that physically challenge both the body and the lungs by providing one off grant requests.

Some charities provide a contribution towards the cost of something of your choice - whether it be traditional gym equipment to use at home such as a treadmill or exercise bike, an outdoor bike or even a trampoline.

Read more about Cystic Fibrosis Lifestyle Foundation grant.

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Jumping is AMAZING physio for Evie as #cysticfibrosis can cause thick sticky mucus to build up on her lungs and bouncing can help shake it off."

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