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Jumpflex® Taking Over the World | Jumpflex now in Canada! 🇨🇦

September 02, 2021

Jumpflex in Canada!

We are SO EXCITED to be launching Jumpflex® into Canada!

Jumpflex began as a small project in 2009 between two brothers, Matt and Stephen Tubbs, who worked out of their parent’s farm shed to create the Jumpflex® trampoline. Over the 12 years, the trampoline has been refined to the awesome trampoline we have today. What started as a two-man band has now become a solid team of 20! Read more about how Jumpflex began.

Jumpflex has slowly been growing over the years, initially selling in just New Zealand and then Australia in 2010. In 2018 Jumpflex launched into the USA and in 2020 into the UK.

In September 2021, Jumpflex will now be available in Canada! Our warehouse is based in Toronto and we are pleased to be able to deliver throughout Canada* except for Yukon and Prince Edward Island.

It’s so exciting to have more and more Jumpflex trampolines popping up around the world!

Jumpflex trampolines in Canada

Fun facts about Canada

As we began researching the Canadian market, otherwise known as the Great White North, we found out many fascinating things about the country!

  • Canada is BIG! It is the second-largest country in the world! To put its breathtaking scale into perspective: It’s bigger than the entire European Union, more than 30% larger than Australia, 5x as big as Mexico and 3x as big as India!

  • Canada is CHILLY! The coldest day in Canada was in 1947, -63c (-81.4F) was recorded in the small village of Snag, that’s roughly the same temperature as the surface of Mars!

  • Canada is LONG! It has the longest highway in the world: The Trans-Canada Highway covers an astonishing 4,860 miles (7821km) and crosses six time zones! To travel the entire distance you’d want to allow at least 3 weeks!

  • Canada is home to SANTA CLAUS. Canada's Immigration Minister declared in 2012 that Santa Claus was indeed a Canadian citizen. Letters can be mailed to: Santa Claus, North Pole, H0H 0H0, Canada

  • Canada is PREPARED! Canada is the first country in the world to create a landing pad specifically for UFOs. It’s located in St. Paul, Alberta and was opened in 1967. The platform weighs just over 130 tons, and the concrete structure actually contains a time capsule, to be opened in 2067. Canada’s Minister of National Defence at the time, Paul Hellyer, was there for the unveiling!

We also loved checking out Canada’s slang words and phrases, especially this handy video from Will Arnett!



5 reasons why you should join the Jumpflex® family


  1. We have a superstar Customer Support team and take pride in exceptional service. We have over 2000 5 star reviews.

  2. Jumpflex trampolines are built to last and your trampoline can stay assembled year-round, whatever the season. Here’s how to winterize your trampoline.

  3. Our trampolines are backed by an awesome warranty - 10 years on the frame, 5 years on the jump mat, 3 years on the spring pad and net, 1 year on our accessories. Jumpflex customers also get half-price parts for life!

  4. A Jumpflex® trampoline comes with a huge weight rating - 250kg which means fun for the whole family!

  5. Assembly of a Jumpflex trampoline is straightforward and super simple. We have a range of guides and videos to help you every step of the way.

If you have any questions about a Jumpflex trampoline our Customer Support team are only a phone call away if you want to hear the kiwi accent. Check out our FAQ's here, call us on +1 (866) 305 7238 or email us hello@jumpflex.com

There's a whole family of Jumpflex customers across the globe. Join us on Facebook or Instagram. To see how others use their Jumpflex trampoline, search the hashtag #jumpflextrampolines #playforlife