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Trampoline Assembly: How to Assemble a Jumpflex® Trampoline

July 28, 2021

For some people the thought of assembling a trampoline can be quite daunting but… we have good news! Assembling a Jumpflex trampoline is straightforward and our trampolines come with instructions to guide you every step of the way. In fact, more than 95% of our customer assemble their own trampolines.  It's a great way to get the whole family involved and having fun together, and we've had no reports of divorce just yet! 😂  Here we’ve answered our most common questions about Jumpflex trampoline assembly.

Check out this awesome video by @blessed.with.four_ . If only you could assemble a trampoline in 7 clicks!




Are trampolines hard to assemble?

Jumpflex trampolines are easy to install and no power tools are needed. Our trampolines come with an easy to follow assembly guide and everything you need to install your trampoline. 

Can I put the trampoline together by myself?

It is possible to assemble the trampoline with one person, but two people or more makes it much easier and much faster. So grab your kids, parents, friends, cousins... whoever you can to help you assemble!

How long does it take to assemble a trampoline?

If you can get someone to help you, it should take one to two hours to assemble your trampoline. Follow the assembly instruction manual that comes with your trampoline kit. Ensure that you install your trampoline on level ground and take precautions when lifting heavy trampoline parts.

How do I attach the springs without a spring tool?

We recommend using the spring tool included to attached the springs.

Jumpflex Trampoline Spring Tool

Jumpflex Spring Tool

However, you can also use another spring as a makeshift Spring Tool. Hold the spring and using the spring's hook, hook this to the spring you are installing.


Jumpflex Trampoline Makeshift Spring Tool

Makeshift Spring Tool

Note: On the rare occasion that you are missing a trampoline spring don’t worry, continue with the assembly of your trampoline. It is still safe to use your trampoline. Please contact one of our Customer Service team and we’ll get another spring right out to you.

Do I need any tools to assemble the trampoline?

Nope, you won't need any tools to assemble your trampoline. Included with your trampoline order, is a spring tool, a small spanner and an allen key. 

If you do wish to use your own tools you can use a 13mm ring spanner or 13mm socket and driver with your drill, don’t over tighten the hardware (nuts/ bolts).

How do I assemble a trampoline net?

  1. Using a step ladder if needed, reach up and find the net pocket on either side of the zip and slide it over the top of the safety pole.

  2. Feed the Velcro straps through the netting loops, then hook the net rings to the jump mat for a 360-degree, no-gap enclosure.

    Note: If your net is tight to fit you can loosen off the nuts/bolts on the safety net poles.  Also try alternating (front/back/side to side) poles, rather than consecutive poles.

Top Tip: It always helps to have a buddy on the ground gently pushing into the safety net pole while the other person attaches the net to the top of the safety net pole.

Does Jumpflex offer a professional trampoline assembly service?

We don't offer professional assembly but we can recommend Go Configure.

How much does it cost to have a trampoline assembled?

With Kitset Assembly Services, prices start from around $200 for installation of our 12ft Jumpflex trampoline excluding any accessories. Give them a call on (866) 305 7238 for a quote.

Jumpflex trampoline 

How do I book professional assembly for my trampoline?

You can book an installation of a Jumpflex trampoline and/or accessories here with Go Configure.

Please note we are only referring their services, they may not be able to service your area or during peak season e.g Christmas. You may need to book them in advance and we advise receiving your trampoline prior to confirming your booking.

How do I disassemble a trampoline?

There are a couple of ways you can approach disassembling your trampoline, full decamp for relocating or storage or partial decamp for storing away. Read more about disassembling a Jumpflex trampoline.

How do I install a Jumpflex trampoline accessory?

We have a range of awesome trampoline accessories including the Jumpslide, SmartShadeAnchorKitProJamAquaJet and Flexboard which will help you maximise the fun! You can find guides for installing them on our website here. 

Please note, the SmartShade and ProJam can't be used at the same time.  If using the ProJam, you will need to remove the SmartShade.

Jumpflex trampoline with toddler sitting on top of the Jumpflex slide@timwalkerbuilt 

I bought the ProJAm basketball hoop, at what stage do I assemble it?

If you have ordered a ProJam basketball hoop, it’s best to attach it while putting the trampoline together. You will need to use a specific PVC sleeve found in the ProJam box this has a small hole at the top of the sleeve to allow the ProJam connecter to go through the slit on the net.

This is Step 5 when you are attaching the sleeves to the trampoline safety net poles. Steps 13 and 14 illustrate where the ProJam safety net pole needs to be positioned on the trampoline from to line up with the correct safety net pocket.

Top tips for assembling a trampoline

  • Allow plenty of time
    You should be able to install your trampoline in around 1-2 hours with two people, so make sure you have plenty of daylight left if you’re installing in the evening.

  • A head torch is a great idea if Santa's little helpers are needed to put it together Xmas eve. You may be able to save some time if you can part assemble the net poles and connect the net and jumping mat together if you have somewhere you can hide it.

  • Check your boxes first
    Your 3 boxes may arrive at different times due to the weight of the boxes. Make sure you check you have everything included in the boxes before you start installing.

    • Lay out all of the parts and check off against the assembly guide using the part numbers and quantity required.

    Dog in trampoline box


    • Don’t over tighten the hardware
      It is a lot easier to assemble the trampoline net, if you don't over-tighten the screws. If you have a tight fitting net loosen off the nuts/bolts.

    • Step away from the power tools…
      You only need to use the tools provided with your Jumpflex trampoline.

    • Grab a Jumpflex Trampoline AnchorKit
      A Jumpflex AnchorKit will help secure your trampoline to the ground. This is your best bet to stop your trampoline from flying away during wild weather! 

      If we are out of stock of our AnchorKits, you can use anything heavy to place on the feet of your trampoline to help weigh it down.  Sandbags are an effective option. Read more about our Jumpflex Trampoline Anchor Kit and handy DIY ideas.


    If you’ve purchased a Jumpflex trampoline...

    Awesome!! Now is a great time to get ready for your Jumpflex trampoline and check out our assembly video and easy to follow manual. For those that are about to embark on assembly, good luck! If you get stuck, we are here to help!

    Jumpflex Trampoline Assembly Video

    Jumpflex Trampoline Manual
    Check out our handy Jumpflex Manual with pdf guides as well as videos.

    Still have questions or need support with assembling your Jumpflex trampoline. Don’t give up! Get in touch with our Customer Support team by calling +1 (866) 305 7238 or email us hello@jumpflex.com or PM us directly on Facebook.

    Have you got some tips to share or simply want to show off your brand new trampoline? We’d love to see them! Join us on Facebook or Instagram and use our hashtags #jumpflextrampolines #jumpflex

    Thanks to @jmartzall for tagging us in his awesome set up video!